What To Expect

We get it! Going to a new church for the first time and meeting new people can feel uneasy.

At Cornerstone, all of our campuses follow this simple outline for services. To help you feel more comfortable, here is what you can expect:

Q: Will people say hi and try to talk to me? Will they make me feel like a “newbie”?

A: Yes, we’re sure someone will say, “Hi! So glad you’re here.” No, you won’t be forced to talk to a “guest service” person. We operate like a casual church family. You will likely find us chatting in the lobby over a cup of coffee before service starts. We would love to make you feel welcome with a beverage, too!

  • Coffee In The Lobby

  • Kids Ministry

  • Music With Lyrics On A Screen

  • A Bible Message From A Pastor

  • More Music + People Praying Together