What To Expect

We get it! Going to a new church for the first time and meeting new people can feel uneasy.

At Cornerstone, all of our campuses follow this simple outline for a 60-70 minute service. To help you feel more comfortable, here is what you can expect:

Q: Will people say hi and try to talk to me? Will they make me feel like a “newbie”?

A: Yes, we’re sure someone will say, “Hi! So glad you’re here.” No, you won’t be forced to talk to a “guest service” person. We operate like a casual church family. You will likely find us chatting in the lobby over a cup of coffee before service starts. We would love to make you feel welcome with a beverage, too!

  • Coffee In The Lobby

  • Kids Ministry

  • Music With Lyrics On A Screen

  • A Bible Message From A Pastor

  • More Music + People Praying Together